Side Dishes

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Flying Swine Smoked Baked Beans


3 lbs Jar Great Northern Beans
2 C. Ketchup
½ C. Honey
¼ C. Sorghum or Molasses
2 Shallot, finely diced
4 Clove Garlic, minced
½ lb Bacon, baked & chopped
2 pints Chicken Stock
1 C. Flying Swine All Purpose Rub

In a large bowl, pour in all of your ingredients. Mix together thoroughly.

Then, pour your mixture into a disposable aluminum ½ pan […]

Flying Swine Corn Relish

This is a great sweet and sour side that goes very well with grilled meats or on a vegetarian salad. If eating on a taco, salad or meat, add some corn strips or fried tortilla shell for that added crunch.

2 – 12oz bags frozen corn niblets (fresh off the cob if in season)
2 – Red […]