Meet Joe. Joe Knows BBQ!

Joe Shaw started his passion for barbecue when he was 6 years old. A field trip to a family’s kettle-cooked barbecue ignited in him a love for all things barbecue. His Grandma Helen fed the flames (so to speak) of cooking by teaching him some of her best recipes and the little tricks it takes to make them delicious.

This eventually led Joe to culinary school where he achieve an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Culinary Arts. Beyond the degree, Joe learned how to make good food better as well as how to perfect a recipe.

After school, Joe has been in pursuit of the making the best barbecue. What we make today is a result of Joe’s efforts.

The Flying Swine Story

The Flying Swine All-Purpose Rub is exactly as the name says – it is for ALL purposes. From meats like pork, beef, chicken or fish to side dishes ranging from chili to mac & cheese, you will not find a better seasoning anywhere. We know it and after just one bite, you will too!

Our symbol and logo for THE FLYING SWINE will always be a rather robust flying pig named “Pigasus,” doing his best to defy gravity and reach the stars. It seems peculiar to some. But, to us, Pigasus symbolizes our struggle to bring the best of what we have to the world when the world says you can’t. It’s our motivation and is well-represented in our creative, delicious products & recipes with a slight nod to making pigs cool once again.